What the World Would Be Like If Galaxy S7 Didn’t Exist

Life is fragile. There is nothing certain here. You are running out of time to fulfil your dreams, and all of a sudden an earthquake happens! Well, everyone knows it’s not happening, may call it a fluke, but can’t really rubbish entirely. In a similar way, imagine, here the tech bugs are already crazy about the upcoming Galaxy S7, rumour mills are unstoppable in production, and news comes of a doom’s day, or something like this. What would be these geeks doing if there was nothing like Galaxy S7? Let’s have a dig.


Display and Design:

Question is, how back? Is it Galaxy S6, if not Galaxy S7? By the way, there is a huge difference already between Galaxy S6 and S7 so far. Samsung fans are overwhelmed about experiencing the 4k resolution. Through the process, the eye would be also in having a bigger display. However, in the absence of Galaxy S7, Super AMOLED would be enjoying the superstar’s status.

All these bendable concepts would be the matter wishes only. Talking about the hype involved with the ‘edge’ design, there would be absolutely nothing like this. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 would be the best protector for your most expensive device. In fact, Galaxy S7 is aiming bout Turtle Glass, which would be a subject among the scientists busy in a R&D laboratory.

A device having 5 inches display size would be the hulk of smartphones. Hence, much lesser discussions would be there with pixel counts and picture quality. Sony Z line-up of devices, especially the Z5 would not be confronting so much chaos about the combinations.

User Experience and shooters:

For the professionals, or those are passionate about the ebooks, would still be finding the Note line-up products as the best options. ClearForce technology with upcoming Galaxy S7, which takes the user interface, zooming, navigation, or gaming to a new level, would be in development stage. You still would have to rub hard your smartphone screens. What about Apple’s 3D tuch panel? It’s not too antique either. LED backlit IPS touchscreen display would be dragging the raised eyebrow impression. In fact, the multi-touch would be a biddable feature among the bankable zones over the globe. An 8 MP snapper at the main end having a LED flash would be a great thing. What about Selfies and pouts? Forget about these things.


Samsung’s latest plan about the upcoming Galaxy S7 is to go with three different processing units for different parts of the world. It’s already having Exynos 7422, Exynos 8890, and Qualcomm Snapdragon to shuffle at between different parts of the world. Having the void of Galaxy S7, a dual core Swift ARM rotating at 1.3 GHz would be enjoying trendsetter’s image. Competitions would be too stringent to acquire Exynos sets with the device. People would wish and yelling about a better performing device meeting the demands of the contemporary world.


These were the speculations of the world of technology on a global basis. However, all are not eyeing Galaxy S7, or iPhone 7. You might be happy with a Galaxy S4, or even back. Hence, you should imagine about your status personally.

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