Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important?

Knowing that all your crucial data and files have been lost forever are the most painful things.Hence, it is very important backing up your website on a regular basis.

A website back up means that you keep a similar copy of your important data and content with you. You can save it safely. As if anything happens to your site, the saved data will be available, and you can use it anytime later.

Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important?

  • Reasons you should Back Up your Website:

#1. Website Hackers

Unfortunately, hacking has become the most common place on a Web. The aim of all hackers might be to steal sensitive information and or credit card numbers of others, often people hack sites to trouble others or to prove themselves in the market.

#2. Computer Crashes

Storing your important data files on your personal computer is a good idea, however, but what if in the case if your machine falls off a cliff, crashes, or gets lost, then all your data will be gone with it forever. Therefore, remotely backing up your files is the best practical choice in the event if something unfortunate happens with your machine.

#3. Wrong Updates

Regularly updating refers to the updated features and increased security, however, it doesn’t go all the time as planned. That is the reason the WordPress always advised to perform the backup before updating it. Every website has multiple components such as software, back-end programming, themes, and plugins. A wrong update with any of those can take a whole website down for some amount of time.

#4. Viruses and Malware

Malware, trojan horses, and other viruses can find a way and enter in your website anytime even via the third party sites that are normally safe. It can exist by unknowingly or knowingly downloading them with some plugins or themes or can shift inside a chink in your firewall. Backing up your files means you’ll be prepared in case of your website starts behaving mysteriously weird.

#5. Errors by Employee

It’s a fact that people do make mistakes. It’s absolutely possible that a contractor or an employee might click the wrong button unknowingly or could delete data by accident. Therefore, taking back up of your files or data, there is no or very less chance that any human error will destroy your operations.

#6. Minimize the Damage

Say if someday you log onto your website and recognizes an unknown error page. After trying several times it still doesn’t come up. You suddenly get a drowning feeling as you recognize that something has worked wrong. So you either become little-annoyed in thinking you have to spend time in reloading your site, or get panic while trying to figure out what actually went wrong and all of your valuable content has lost.

  • How to Back Up a Website:

Till now, you must have convinced that backing up a website is the best thing to do, here are the few methods you can follow:

  • Search out for the Best Web Hosting Company that provides website back-up as a service.
  • Communicate with your website developer or designer and ask them to do the back up for you. They should have sufficient knowledge and experience on how the content management systems work so that they are able to back up your data manually.
  • Just in case, you can also look out for additional back up service. Some have the software, while some are more cost-effective than others. Many of these providers exist, do your research, or you can also go with MilesWeb, as they offer “CodeGuard Website backup service” the fastest and most reliable website backup service that tracks all your website changes on a daily basis.
  • Backup plugin installation on your website. There are some plugins that enable you a backup scheduled, and also sends files to the cloud services like a Dropbox.
  • If you have small data, you can select to compress your files in a ZIP folder and then email the same to yourself. Again this can work as the best option for smaller sites.
  • So if your files size is bigger, or you think you website size may expand, then just look for another backup option.
  • It is always a good idea to keep a saved two or three copies of your files in additionally. As old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Backing up the website doesn’t take a much time or money, and it is a worthy investment regarding all threats that survive online. Therefore backup your website now! And avoid becoming those stress driven business owners who unwillingly restart their site from the scratch.

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