Why Does Your Computer Freeze?

The problems with a PC vary in terms of the harm they can cause to your computer; however, the easier and more basic ones can be solved by you. Computer repairs are important for anyone who is using one. With basic and easy to do tips and tricks, you can solve your computer related problems without requiring any external professional assistance.

The most common problem that every computer owner has faced is their computer freezing

. ‘Freezing’ means that your screen and computer stop responding until you force a shutdown have to reinstall the software. This can be both sporadic or a lengthy amount of time where nothing functions.

Why Does Your Computer Freeze?

Why Your Computer Freezes

A computer can freeze as a result of various, both hardware and software issues. You need to understand the precise reason behind the problem before you start to solve it. Try and recall if the problems started when you attached a few hardware devices to it such as a printer or a scanner. If the problem occurred after you installed a new driver, then the driver might be incompatible and causing the malfunction.

The reason for your computer to freeze mid work or when activated can include the following:

  • Needs Rest

If you use your PC a lot, then the reason it froze might be because it needs to be shut off for a while. Start by turning off the computer and unplugging it, ensure there is no power source attached to it. After you have unplugged it, hold down the power button for thirty seconds. Normally, you might see the power lights flicker, meaning that you have allowed the motherboard to rest. Let it be for an hour, or even longer. Plug it back in and start as you would normally do.

  • Overheated

To determine whether your computer is over heated, you need to open it up. Remember, before you open up the PC, you need to turn the power off. The most common cause of overheating is when the fan either accumulates a lot of dust and debris or if it stops functioning altogether. If the vents and computers are blocked with dust, then use compressed air or wipe down to clean it carefully.

  • Diagnostic Help

Many computers are now equipped with diagnostic tools. They can troubleshoot problems and find out what is wrong. With the proper diagnostic tools, you need to power the computer off first. Turn it on a little while later and press the F1 or F2 keys, depending on which company your computer belongs to. Write down the error codes your computer provides you and research on your phone or call a tech guy to find out what the code means.

Solving a computer related problem is easy when you know what you are doing. A PC is complex so in order to keep it running smoothly, it is best never to ignore a problem. If you experience a malfunction that you cannot solve, then consult a technician and have them guide you how to get your computer functioning again.

Morna David is the author of this article. She has worked for a few IT companies in her short years. She refers to experts found at this website  to share various techniques to unfreeze a PC.

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