Why Your Employer Wants You To Know Javascript Fundamentals

Everyone wants an impressive resume, but many of us have felt, at one time or another, that we lack any outstanding skills.

If you stop for a moment to think about what you wish you could honestly put on your resume, you wouldn’t be alone if you answered with a coding language.

Being fluent in a coding language like HTML, CSS or, as we’ll discuss today, Javascript is just as worthwhile as being fluent in a foreign language like Spanish or French. Your job description might not revolve around your coding ability, but having that talent in your back pocket makes you a virtual god-send in the office when a bit of coding is required. If you could save the company from the hassle of outsourcing, you’re in!

Why Your Employer Wants You To Know Javascript Fundamentals

In short, if you had to learn one coding language, knowing Javascript fundamentals is often a great bet. Here’s why.

Javascript Is THE Language of the Internet

Of all the coding languages that comprise the vast functionality of the Internet, Javascript is the most versatile and pervasive. Responsible for real-time data to be displayed without requiring a hard refresh, Javascript is part of the reason why social media sites are so addictive: new posts and comments appear as soon as they are submitted, keeping us up-to-date without the effort of having to lift a single finger.

It’s not only found on some of the most successful websites like Facebook, but on virtually every site on the web. Javascript is functional and works well with other languages, like CSS and HTML, to seamlessly create a stunning website. In fact, since Javascript is such a popular coding language for websites, it often is the sole programming option used for back-end development. Yes, entire web applications can be built from back to front using Javascript exclusively.

Disable Javascript in your web browser to fully appreciate the impact it has on any site’s user experience. Now think about your employer’s website. A working knowledge of Javascript could help you sort out any problems that crop up or even add exciting new capabilities to the site that encourage visitors to stick around. Even if you’re simply part of the marketing team, your Javascript superpower could come in handy.

Javascript Is Easy to Learn

If you think the popularity of Javascript as the language of the Internet means that it must be complicated to learn, think again. Of all the coding languages, Javascript is the most user-friendly. You can approach it without any previous knowledge of programming. Of course, to really make the most of it, it’s helpful to learn Javascript with the help of a class or in-depth tutorial.

So if you’re a little intimidated about the thought of learning to code but know that such a skill could give your career a little boost, why not start with Javascript? You don’t need to invest too much time or money into learning it before you can discover whether you understand how to use it, and you could the reap excellent rewards that go hand-in-hand with being a versatile employee.

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