Why Your Smartphone Could Be Your Only Computer, Within Two Years?

In the world where mobility is key word, the smartphone has become a must, to the point that within two years, Smart phone could replace our computers. Besides, some users are already used as such. Explanations.

You see it everywhere. Smartphones have replaced most of the items that were part of our daily life: mp3 players, digital cameras, portable game consoles, camcorder etc. Our companions mobility even replace our computers. Besides, it already does. The smartphone is already replacing the computer for many uses.

We spend more time looking the web on our smartphone and on our computer. For social networks are even worse, mobile use is widely acclaimed by users. Facebook is not working to provide a multitude of mobile applications for nothing, the network Mark Zuckerberg has identified the phenomenon.

In the professional world, replacing the PC, The smartphone is even more significant. Look at the conferences of high-tech giants. Among the audience of journalists you will find that many work exclusively with their smartphones. And because smartphones are compact, allow to take pictures, videos, swinging the information on social networks, to type text with formidable efficiency, to send emails etc. They even often are more effective. Perfect for productivity.

But this is not the only area affected. In companies, the computer usage is often in the office, the smartphone being the only productivity tools. Why carry a heavy and bulky device when another can do the same job and be stowed in a pocket.

Why Your Smartphone Could Be Your Only Computer, Within Two Years

Ever more Powerful Smartphones

Why the smartphone usage will grow? Because smartphones are becoming more sophisticated, more and more efficient, powerful and can compete with some computers (we obviously not talking about specific uses such as gaming, graphics, design etc.)

We still need a computer? No, not everyone. Some of us do have most. ARM, the processor manufacturer can even give a date when the smartphone replace the PC for many users: 2016.

Sales in the PC Industry Confirm this Trend

Although the date forward by ARM seems to be a too close, there is no doubt that we are on the way to this new trend. Who prefer the use of the smartphone to the PC, And PC continues to decline since the arrival of smartphones in the consumer market. The tablets have obviously played an important role in the fall in PC sales, but also smartphones.

And the phenomenon of ever larger screens will undoubtedly still cause harm to the PC industry. The shelves are already starting to pay the price, since the market is stagnant. In parallel, the smartphone penetration continues to be impressive. If we look at the global trend, the smartphone is basically our first computer. The PC becomes increasingly a secondary device. ” According to the notes – James Bruce, Lead Strategist Mobile ARM.

The computer probably doesn’t completely disappear, but will undoubtedly replace by the smartphone for the majority of users. And you, your smartphone already makes forget your PC or Mac?

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