YuppFlix Android App Review

YuppFlix android app is currently on high demand as it is able to help you stream movies and TV shows live at the click of a button. Gone are the days you had to buy movies from cyber waiting on long queues and hurrying back home to catch your favorite program.

The app library is available with more than 3000 movies in 9 languages and can make it available in more than 50 countries. One cannot run out of movies or TV shows to watch. It is a perfect recipe for entertainment. All of them can be watched online and in good quality. All genres are available so you can easily navigate to your favorite and watch. Currently it hosts a lot of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Punjabi movies online. All you need to do is to get a connection, subscribe and watch.

YuppFlix Android App Review

App download

For you to access its services, you have to search for it in the Google play store and tab on the download button. The app is absolutely free and does not bother you with many ads. It has a small size of 6.95mb so its fits perfectly to any internal storage of your phone. Unlike other apps with a lot of features, this one offers a lot but is also light. The fact that users have rated it 4.8 tells you how good, reliable, and convenient it is. It is an app you won’t regret downloading especially if you are a movie lover.


Once downloaded, the phone will ask you if you need to install it. Installing is fixing it in your phone and is different from downloading. Downloading only moves the app from the store to your phone. Without installation, you will not get to enjoy the services it offers. Sometimes your phone can block its installation if it does not trust third party installations. In this case you need to go to the settings on your phone then under apps adjust your settings to accept third party applications. The app can be run by any phone containing android software of 4.3 up. On installing, it will ask access to some permissions which you should allow because it will facilitate good functioning of the app in your phone and also customize its contents according to your likes and favorites. It will ask access to; network sockets, your networks and list of accounts you have installed. When on, this app will keep the processor from sleeping or dimming when in use. The YuppFlix app is extremely safe to install as it has no bugs, viruses or worms. Every user that installed it was satisfied and happy (confirm this from the reviews)

How it works

Once you have installed the YuppFlix application, one tap on it opens it. Its interface is clean as mentioned before that it has no ads running on the background. You can easily locate anything on the screen but one conspicuous one is the search button. This is where you input what you want t watch. It will bring several types of what you are looking for. Yours is to choose which one and click on it. The search has also been customized to suit your liking; some recommended TV shows and movies will be at the bottom of the search bar. You can be attracted to watch something already suggested for you before you even go to search that which you wanted. This feature is very useful to those that are new to watching movies as they might not be aware of the genres available or even which ones suit suits their tastes. This app looks all that up for you and bring up the ones you are likely to enjoy watching.


With the new addition of giving the viewer the ability to resume video where you stopped, the app is now the best of its kind. You do not have to worry of starting the TV show or movies all over again. You can watch them anytime while stopping them whenever you have interruption. That said, the app has to work on providing more languages of the movies it can support to address the high demand of streaming needed by people. Otherwise, it is a huge relief to the problem that was long overdue. The fact that it is also free ensures that everyone is catered for and that everyone is being entertained.

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